Saturday, 12 March 2016

The Esso Blue Sign Again...

Very pleased to get a comment from Paul:

I like your blog Joe! I'm interested in your illuminated shop sign because I collect things like that. Could you post some more pics and tell me more about it?

Well, Paul, thanks, lad - I'm glad you like the blog.

The sign we 'ad in our shop and now 'ave in the living room is made of plastic. The back is shapped a back like an old telly back. You can take the front off and put yer bulb in.

When we 'ad it in our shop, around the late 1960s to mid-1970s, Mrs Conroy from Pilkington Terrace said it were right ugly: "Give the kiddies nightmares, 'avin' that glaring out at them on winters' nights!"

But my Auntie Doreen said to 'er: "You shut yer trap! 'E might not be a real looker, but 'e's all right, our Joe is!"

I were quite touched, but later Auntie told me she only said it coz she wasn't 'avin' an ex-clippie criticisin' one of our family, an' she really thought Mrs Conroy was quite right.


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